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Develop sustainable tourism.

Our ambition: to develop green tourism.


In 2018, we have imagined solutions to meet the needs of vacation rental owners. This experience in Normandy enabled us to understand the expectations in our profession and to imagine sustainable alternatives to current methods in the tourist industry.

They pull the strings.

Native of Bayeux, Mathis Adam very quickly knew that our activity had to take place in his city of heart. With the help of his family and varied experiences in the tourist field, we were able to offer professional know-how to Bayeusains from 2019.

Nicolas Veronneau allowed us to highlight our project to everyone: Develop green tourism. His increased knowledge of statistics and relationships have enabled us to establish our company in the heart of the tourist community and to support the quality and efficiency of our services with everyone.


The heart of the project.

We have chosen to put at the heart of our project simple values :

  • Propose fixed rates rather than a percentage commission which would have had a strong impact on the rental income of owners

  • Offer eco-responsible services to offset the carbon footprint linked to tourist activity

  • Implement prevention solutions on respect for the environment with travelers

  • Overcome tourist guides by creating our own recommendation system via our site

  • Refuse to set up contactless reception systems (key box, etc.)

  • Do not resort to subcontracting in the management of housing (uberisation)

  • Support local businesses and tourism players by promoting them on our site and to our travelers

  • Fight against discrimination by participating in training to guarantee inclusive reception in housing

  • And much more...

Growing notoriety.

Thanks to the support of the local press, word of mouth and the curiosity of the inhabitants, we have developed our activity and can now offer a wide range of accommodation in Bayeux. Since 2018, we have welcomed over 5000 international travelers and continue to expand our company in Bayeux. In the near future, we plan to expand our business to new locations to meet the continued demand from owners.

Values that please.

The flexibility of our contracts, the pricing of our services and the quality of our services will meet your needs as they have been doing with many accommodations since 2018.

Together, let's develop green tourism!

Ouest France Bayeux - July 23, 2019
“In Bayeux a new company has just set up: 
La 21ème Planche. »
Manager & Partner

Mathis Adam

Manager & Partner

Nicolas Verronneau

Ouest France Bayeux - April 4, 2021
“400 people accommodated in July and August 2020. »
Logo M (new - blanc).png
Logo M (new - blanc).png
L - Blanc - Officiel.png
L - Blanc - Officiel.png

The tree, symbol of our commitment.

Since February 2022, our logo has evolved to proudly represent our values and the essence of our company.

Since our creation, the services we offer have been designed to preserve the environment.

By raising awareness and providing information to travelers and owners, we choose to put ecology at the forefront while applying fair and competitive rates.

The tree embodies for everyone the notion of environmental defence.

This is why we choose to wear its colors and continue to take root in our territory.

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