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Anticipate the future of our job.

Our will: anticipate the future of our job.


It is with a view to anticipating the future of tourism that we have established our own methods in order to offer you services that respect our planet, developing local trade.

A point about our methods:

  • Consume the bare necessities of paper by choosing simple and harmonious solutions with today's issues (distribution of invoices and documents via your email, prefer the use of bank transfers against checks, etc.)

  • Use as little household products as possible through the use of white vinegar, baking soda and other products that are not harmful to health and the environment

  • Use an eco-responsible, biodegradable detergent, made in France, labeled eco-cert and made from ingredients of natural origin

  • Educate tenants about selective sorting in housing

  • Use steam cleaners, known for their effectiveness in eliminating bacteria

Local commerce is necessary for our future.

This is why we have developed a link between our tenants and the shops of the city of Bayeux through the proposal of addresses of restaurants, shops and regional activities, but also through the development of an online guide bringing together our recommendations.



Together, let's develop green tourism!

Our actions for travelers
Raising awareness & teaching selective sorting:
  • Presentation of the nearest selective sorting points

  • Explanation of how selective sorting works Bayeux upon arrival

  • Highlighting sorting instructions in housing (Sorting Memo sheet)

A way to do it.

Services designed and imagined for our health, yours and the one of our planet.

For the maintenance of your accommodation, we only use eco-responsible products.

○  Lemon

○  Baking soda

○  White vinegar

○  Black soap

○  Essential oils

Our actions for travelers

Our actions to reduce the use of paper.

Suggest a free system called 
Our recommendations accessible via a QR Code 
present in each accommodations.

Educate travelers upon reservation on the use of paper in tourism.

Set up laminated documents for all accommodations to ensure their durability.

Our actions for owners
Propose simple measures for housing:
  • Permanently separate from single-use plastic

  • Provide airtight glass boxes to avoid waste

  • Install LED bulbs and presence detectors

Our actions for owners

Adapt rentals for the future.

Provide containers for soap, detergent and other consumables to refill it.

Set up a bin for glass, for recyclables and install compost.

Propose an option to charge  electric vehicles in apartments with parking.

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