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La 21ème Planche

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Booking conditions

La 21ème Planche will be the sole interlocutor of the tenant for the duration of the stay. The reservation being concluded electronically, the tenant must follow and respect these conditions without restriction or reservation.



Accommodation is defined by furnished tourist accommodation available for seasonal rental, the concierge services of which are provided by La 21ème Planche.

The tenant is defined by the natural person or representative of a legal entity having reserved accommodation in his name.


Bed linen, household linen and towels are provided by the owner of the accommodation. The beds will be made before arrival. The accommodations are non-smoking. Pets are not allowed in the accommodation unless otherwise stated. No party, evening or event is tolerated in the accommodation.


Reservation and payment.

The tenant fills in the information necessary for the reservation and undertakes as to the veracity of these. Once the reservation request has been made on the website, a confirmation email is sent to the tenant. La 21ème Planche will contact the tenant, by email and/or telephone, and will send him the necessary information as soon as possible in order to proceed with the payment. Once the payment has been received, the reservation will be deemed validated.


Payment must be total and include: 

  • The amount of nights

  • Cleaning costs (indicated below and in the description of the accommodation)

  • The tourist tax


The total payment of the reservation must be made by bank transfer, unless otherwise stated. A check may then be requested. Payment must be received as soon as possible (within 7 days) in order to confirm the reservation. In the event that payment has not been received, the reservation will not be registered. The tenant may be asked for proof of payment.


The tenant.

The tenant must peacefully use the accommodation and answer for any damage. He must respect the maximum number of people authorized to occupy the accommodation. If the tenant decides to leave the accommodation early for personal reasons, no partial refund is due automatically and he must keep La 21ème Planche informed.


Arrival & departure.

La 21ème Planche only makes arrivals between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. (one hour slot). Departures are only made between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. (fixed time). The tenant must inform La 21ème Planche of his arrival time before 8:00 p.m., the day before arrival in order to avoid any waiting or delay.

No arrival or departure outside the times indicated will be possible.

In exceptional cases (by prior arrangement), the following additional charges will apply: 
- arrival between 8:00 p.m. & 11:00 p.m.: €30.00
The tenant must pay all additional costs on arrival and in cash.

In the event of a last-minute reservation, arrival will be made according to availability. A minimum period of 30 minutes is imposed, to make the arrival of the tenant in the accommodation.


Asked documents.

An identity document in the name of the tenant will be requested. A certificate of holiday insurance in the name of the tenant may be requested. If the tenant's housing contract does not contain the holiday guarantee, he can either conclude a specific insurance contract for the rental period, or take out an amendment to the housing contract with the holiday guarantee.

Cleaning fee.

The cleaning fee must be paid when the total payment of the reservation. They are also indicated in the description of the accommodation on the La 21ème Planche website. Depending on the accommodation, the amount of cleaning costs varies:

Cancelation conditions

The tenant must inform La 21ème Planche, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email, of the cancellation of the reservation.

  • Up to 15 days before the date of arrival, the tenant may cancel the reservation free of charge;

  • 14 days before the date of arrival, the tenant must pay the entire reservation (excluding cleaning costs and tourist tax).


In the event that the tenant has already paid the total amount of the reservation, the owner will reimburse him according to these Conditions of the amount due by check or bank transfer.


A reservation is said to be last minute when the reservation is made within less than 15 days before the date of arrival. Please note that if this is a last minute booking, the same conditions will apply.


The owner can cancel a reservation up to 14 days before it. He will then be able to justify the importance of the circumstances and will have to reimburse the tenant in full.

Direct reservations

Subject to compliance with all the conditions defined by La 21ème Planche, you can book accommodation offered on the website  by following the appropriate reservation procedure. All applicable fees, including the displayed price, deposit if applicable, cleaning fees and all applicable taxes (including tourist tax) will be indicated to you before booking, via the description of the accommodation and via the Booking Conditions. You agree to pay the total amount of the reservation once it has been made. You will also need to submit to the Booking Conditions  who will supervise your reservation as well as the Terms of cancelation.


No collection will be made on this site during the reservation process, the tenant will be invited to make the payment outside the site as provided by les Booking Conditions  accepted when booking. The company La 21ème Planche, as Conciergerie, will not collect any amount owed by the tenant. Each accommodation, listed on this site and which can be rented, is the property of a client who has signed a service contract with La 21ème Planche, which will act on its behalf in the management of its accommodation and its implementation. lease.

Tourist tax.

The tourist tax must be paid when the total payment of the reservation is made.

The amount of the tourist tax to be collected from the occupants of the accommodation who are subject and not exempt corresponds to the product of the number of nights spent by the tariff applicable to the accommodation.

If the accommodation is unclassified tourist accommodation, the variable rate corresponds to 5.00% of the cost per person of the night capped at €4.00.

If the accommodation is classified tourist accommodation, the applicable rate is:

  • €0.70 for 1 star accommodation

  • €0.80 for 2-star accommodation

  • €1.10 for 3-star accommodation

  • €1.70 for 4-star accommodation

  • €2.20 for 5-star accommodation.

You can find more information on the Bayeux Intercom website:

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